the reason why the loft doesn’t already have a landline in 4x05

They forgot that they used to have a landline I guess

Ooooo, look how hightech they were.  CORDLESS!!!


^^^ LMAO. That’s hilarious!


Calories don’t count if they’re in liquid form

Jk that’s not true but wouldn’t that be great???

Calories don’t count if they’re in liquid form

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Did someone really unfollow me after singing Mindy Kaling’s praises???

2 2 days ago

If I could meet anyone ever I think it would be Mindy Kaling. She just seems so friendly and I don’t think I would be intimidated to meet her yknow? Like the thought of meeting a celebrity makes me so nervous but Mindy just has this best friend vibe to her.

21 2 days ago

ask me my “top 5” anything

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I wish I was famous but only so I could afford to not have a case in my iPhone

6 2 days ago



I always shipped Joey and Phoebe, he just seems to absolutely adore her

So did Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. They at one point went to the writers and asked if it could be revealed that Joey and Phoebe had been sleeping together for forever.

I’ll never stop missing this show :(

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guys follow me if you’re obsessed with captain swan!! promise ill follow back! :)



Some of the best character progressions of all time come from The Office.

I loved the evolution of Jim and Dwight’s friendship.  

That show is absolute brilliance all around.