New Girl “Virgins” (original airdate April 30, 2013)

You think too much. You think too much about everything.

I’m going through Lifting Fog withdrawal mrnickmiller !!



austin & ally is like the worst show ever

I’ve pretty much banned Disney in my house.  ”Good Luck Charlie” was decent, at least there were PARENTS.  Haven’t had the chance to really sit down and watch Girl Meets World yet.

The girls on these shows are terrible, TERRIBLE role models.  All they want are boyfriends.  Seriously, ENOUGH.  They all run around acting like complete idiots.

I agree I can stand to watch Good a Luck Charlie if I have to (I’m a babysitter) and I love the mom lol but A&A is unbearable. Girl Meets World is pretty good but if I hadn’t been in love with Boy Meets World idk if I’d watch it.

Dog With a Blog is another horrendous one. Ugh what happened to Disney?? Oh and Jessie isn’t terrible either but it’s still not the best.

austin & ally is like the worst show ever

Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have. — (via thedailypozitive)


new girl is pissing me off lol like they keep adding fake problems for nick and jess and i feel like schmidt has given cece the “i just want you to be happy” speech like six times now just ??? stop

*insert clapping gif here*
I was shopping for books on Western…


Alphabet Of Awesome Fictional Guys - Matt Saracen

I did whatever you asked me to. I helped you win a state championship, I got you to 3-1 this season, I worked my ass off in practice. I do everything that you say! If it’s ‘cause J.D. is better than me, tell me that!