one common theme of both new girl and the mindy project:

schmidt keeps screwing up his relationships and chances with indian women.

get your shit together, man.

Nick Miller through the seasons: 1x20, 2x20 and 3x20

I finished Shameless!! Omg so good! I’m so sad though :( Mickey is probably one of my favorite characters ever wow I love him and Ian so much! Like this if you’re a Shameless blog so I can follow you!

Now I don’t know what to watch next.. It’s hard to find a show that I haven’t already seen so give me some suggestions please!!



ok here’s something for you to do listen carefully

play this video but mute it

and then

open this one up but DO NOT have it muted

then play both videos and watch and feel emotions you’ve never felt before

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LOL okay Fox - let’s not show a promo for your top comedy (who’s ratings have fallen quite a bit) during American Idol who gets about 10 million viewers? 

These biweekly episodes could be a big reason why they’ve fallen a lot too.. People never know when it’s gonna be on.

Together we’re one, but apart tell me

Who are we fooling?

okay so that thing that tells you how to see who sends you anon hate doesn’t work. at least for me. did it work for anyone else??

Just choose someone who makes you laugh. Like Nick?

oh my how is american idol like still a thing?