Anonymous: I think people are taking this whole sam pepper prank a bit too far, it's not like he killed someone


I was going to ignore this message but it honestly shocked me that you can’t see why this is such a serious matter. Let me tell you a little story. When I was 13 and my body no longer looked like one of a child, I was walking on the street on my way home and a car stopped by my side. The window rolled down and it was a man, probably around his 40’s, looking me up and down and smiling. He asked me if I didn’t want to go on a ride with him. I kept on walking, ignoring him and he followed with his car slowly. I was scared that he may have a gun with him (I lived in a dangerous city back then) so I didn’t run or scream or anything in fear that he might do something. I found the nearest shop and got inside and had my mum pick me up even though I was 5 minutes away from home.

Now, the man didn’t touch me. He didn’t say much besides calling me a cutie and eyeing me up and down. But now, everytime I’m walking by myself on the street and a car slows down by my side, my heart beats faster and I fear that it might be another dude wanting something.

I don’t know how many girls Sam pranked during the making of that video, but now those girls will probably hesitate when a stranger stops them on the street. Maybe they’ll avoid going to that place where Sam pranked them again, in fear they might see him. Maybe they’ll stop wearing skirts or shorts when they’re out alone because they don’t want random guys touching their bodies without their consent. And it’s not only about them, but it’s about the people who saw him doing that - either live or on video. People will remember that strange dude who was pinching girls’ bums. People that will now avoid walking alone because that might happen to them. Girls that will silently pray whenever they’re stopped on the street, hoping it’s not a pervet trying to take advantage of them.

Sam did not kill anyone, but he’s made a shit ton of people inscure by his actions. People that will probably fear doing certain things now because of what he did for his own amusement. And no one deserves to live in fear of walking on the street because this energumen thought it was a fun idea to touch someone without their consent just for kicks and giggles.

So I disagree when you say people are taking this too far. They’re not. It wasn’t just a prank. This is not only about what Sam did. It’s about the effect his actions had over the people he harassed, the people who watched him do that to others.

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The Mindy Project, 3x01 - “We’re a Couple Now, Haters!”

They kiss like they’re doing a movie instead of a sitcom.

(yes suck on each other’s lips you know you want to)

Thank god for Messina being a method actor and Mindy for being such a outspoken fan of kissing.


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I just bought the iphone 6 and I dowloaded an album from itunes. It worked fine however since I’ve done that I randomly keep getting “Unable to Download” error messages popping up when I’m not downloading anything. It gives me the options “Done” and “Retry” and no matter what I click it does not go away. Does anyone knoe why this keeps happening and how can I stop it? It’s very frustrating especially because it’s a brand new phone.

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Were the ratings bad? I know it trended on Twitter for a minute.

I don’t know if they were considered TERRIBLE but it was their lowest rated premiere yet.

I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a promo yet. You would think that when they saw the ratings for the premiere they would do whatever they could to promote the next episode. On the other hand I don’t know why I’m surprised lol


So because I’m sick and feeling like shit I decided to start a new show on Netflix, something funny and light and distracting…I started Brooklyn Nine Nine and I’m two episodes in and SWEET JESUS THIS SHOW HAS ME IN STITCHES

I was surprised at how much I ended up liking it when I started watching it lol I used to sort it resent it because I felt like they took too much of the attention/awards from New Girl but they were all definitely well deserved! It’s super funny lol

September 22nd 2014, marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of FRIENDS.

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nicknjess: I watched series 2 again today and when the scene when 'anything can happen' came on i literally started bawling my eyes out but also fist pumping and laughing basically i felt every emotion sigh sigh sigh

You’re brave for watching season 2 let alone that episode!! Lol :)